Bob, Epics and some Hate


Bob, Epics and some Hate

Post by Valandil » Mon Oct 08, 2001 10:39 am

    All hail Lord Dojomonk!

    Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar

    The Company had the privilege of meeting the esteemed Mr. Lord Doljonijiarnimorinar thursday night. Yes he's big, he's angry, he's got a long name, he flurries and he's Velketor's main man. Now he's pushing up flowers. Zero deaths, some loot:

  • Ring of the Frozen Flame - Terek
  • Efreeti Ice Staff - Sares


    The hard work is done, the quest finished, the foes the reward.

    Congratulations to Thrace (Ragebringer), Azzriana (Nature Walker's Scimitar), Kailas (Earthcaller & Swiftwind), Entoc (Ragebringer) and Arsynn (Celestial Fists)!!!!! 5 Epics down, many more in work.

    Plane of Hate

    The Company invaded Hate yet another time. This trip was just after a server reset so we were greeted with lots of fine drops from all the Mini-Bosses. Congratulations to all those who were awarded items!

  • Ethereal Mist Breastplate - Andea
  • Shattered Emerald of Corruption(EPIC) - Kailas
  • Essense of a Vampire(EPIC) - Briiza
  • Tainted Darksteel Breastplate(EPIC) - Raedin
  • Hand of Maestro(EPIC) - Dorgoth
  • Rune Etched Leggings - Kalanar
  • Rune Etched Gauntlets - Bummitcher
  • Tunarian Scimitar - Keeblr
  • Indicrolite Boots - Dorgoth
  • Indicrolite Gauntlets - Dorgoth
  • Sode of Empowerment - Domique
  • Prismatic Shield - Valdaire
  • Martune Rapier - Racheal
  • Necromancer Focus Book - Mordrid
  • Woven Shadow Bracer - Entoc
  • Woven Shadow Boots - Sakusx
  • Woven Shadow Bracer - Sakusx
  • Inbrued Platemail Vambraces - Bummitcher
  • (2)Apothic Bracelet - Addok
  • Ashenbone Axe - Dorgoth
  • Inbrued Platemail Vambraces - Racheal
  • Shield of the Immaculate - Raedin
  • Rune Etched Boots - Bummitcher
  • Ethereal Mist Helm - Tristessa

    And to wrap this update up, Welcome new member Grimexecutioner!!

    Valandil Telperion
    Officer, The Company


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