Guild Recruiting Policies


Guild Recruiting Policies

Post by Valandil » Tue May 15, 2001 6:59 am

Here are the recruitment guidelines for entry into The Company:

The Company is first and foremost a family. We may not all get along all the time but we respect each other at all times and we can always depend on each other in battle without fail. Knowing this, we do not accept every person who asks to join, in fact the opposite is more often true. If we want you in the guild we will seek you out first. That doesn't mean that we reject every person we don't know automatically either, it just means it may be more difficult to join us.

Recruit Information

1. Announce

The first step in the recruitment process is announcing on our public forum that you wish to join our guild. This allows our members to be aware that you wish to join our guild, and may get you some invites into Company groups if we notice you are in the area. It is strongly recommended that you seek us out actively once you have announced that you wish to join us. Make a /who all "The Company" hotkey and use it often, find out who is in your area and don't be shy about giving tells to Company members you don't know. The more time you spend with us, the easier it will be to get into Company groups and then possibly into the guild.

2. Sponsor

Next you will have to find a sponsor, no sponsor will be appointed to you automatically just by announcing on the public forum. You will need to group with Company folks enough that someone will volunteer to sponsor you.

3. Recruit Period

After finding a sponsor, your sponsor will announce in our internal Membership forum that you are in your 7-day recruit period. During this week you should group with as many Company folks as possible. It is the responsibility of your sponsor to get you into Company events.

4. Vote

At the end of the 7-day period, your sponsor declares a vote in the internal Membership forum. You must receive at least ten 'Yea' votes and zero 'Nay' votes to become a full member of The Company after your 7-day recruit period. Any member of The Company can vote 'Nay' regardless of whether or not they have ever grouped with you. It is recommended that members voting 'Yea' have grouped with the recruit within this period, but this is not mandatory. The voting is to remain open for 24 hours giving all guild members adequate opportunity to voice their opinions on the new recruit. Should a recruit receive even a single 'Nay' vote that person will not be admitted into the guild unless the person voting 'Nay' can be persuaded to change their vote.

If the recruit receives no 'Nay' votes but does not receive ten or more 'Yea' votes, the recruiting/voting period will continue until the recruit receives enough votes to get full membership, or is voted out.

Once the recruit has met all requirements he/she is invited into the guild. During the first 2 months the member is in a probationary period and will not be able to sponsor someone else for membership into the guild. Company officers reserve the right to terminate membership of anyone that does not seem to be Company material after joining.

Sponsor Information

Once you've decided to sponsor someone for membership into the guild, the person sponsored must first post in the public forum that they wish to join. The process is then that you declare, in the membership forum, that you would like to sponsor that person. From there, you as the sponsor are responsible for getting your recruit to join us for grouping during a period of no less than 7 days (however, factors can exist where this time is decreased upon majority agreement from the guild). In these 7 days, we assess the recruits abilities, mannerisms, honor system, play ability, patience, ability to listen and follow direction, and overall whether we could place our character's lives in their hands in the face of great adversaries.

Members may only sponsor once per month, new members must wait two months before they are eligible to sponsor anyone.

Company officers reserve the right to terminate membership of anyone that does not seem to be Company material after joining.

As the sponsor, you are responsible for the actions of those people you sponsor once in the guild, and must answer to wrongdoings or complaints from others regarding them.

[EDIT - Removed reference to the Charter until time it is re-written]


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