Cippo Hobbitbane


Post by Cippo Hobbitbane » Tue Dec 17, 2002 6:01 pm

Just some stuffs I've had sitting in my bank for way too long, if anyone would like any of this stuff for any toon, just let me know. Will be first come first serve.

Thurg Silk Wrist
Thurg Silk Boots x2
Thurg Silk Arms
Thurg Chain Boots x2
Thurg Chain Hat

Also I've picked up these spells, if anyone needs them, let me know:

Wave of Healing
Plague of Insects
Torrent of Pain
Healing Wave of Prexus
Mark of Retribution
Breath of Tunare

I really need some bank space back, don't make me set up a bizaare mule :P


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