Hello :)


Hello :)

Post by Qaedain » Sat Jul 16, 2005 10:31 am

Hello everyone,

Word has gotten around to me in a very strange and roundabout manner that The Company merged with Glory's Path. I heard about it at the beginning of this week.. I've spent the last five damn days trying to remember the name of the guild's website so I could stop in and check on everyone here. I'm sure the people I would like to speak with the most have gone on to do bigger, better, or other things, but nonetheless I'd like to say hello. It's been a long time since I've seen all of you.. Some of you nearly seven months, many of you nearing two years this fall. I hope everyone is doing well, and I hope the GP/TC merger has been fortuitous. I might see some of you in game soon, as I'm ponying up the dollars to play for a month.. If you see a Qaedain running around, rest assured that it is the real deal.

I've spent the last year on Stormrage for World of Warcraft. I have a 60 Warlock, and my guild is currently running Molten Core from 5:30 PM EST - 12:00 AM EST on Saturday, 7:30 - 12:00 on Monday, and 7:30 - 12:00 on Wednesday. Onyxia is 9:30 - 12:00 on Thursday, and Blackwing Lair is soon going to take the place of our Wednesday MC run as we expand the Monday runs to 5:30 - 12:00, and clear MC in about 2 days; Saturday being everyone up to Majordomo Executus, and Monday being many many many attempts at the evil Ragnaros.

In the real live world, I'm done with my first year at Eastern Michigan University for a BS in Networking and Information Technology Administration. And I work.. A lot. Work/molten core with girlfriend/sleep, rinse/repeat. It's actually not too bad, hehe. Thank god my girlfriend runs Molten Core with me (She's a level 60 Warrior), or else I'd be utterly doomed! :P

Not much else to report! If you want to check in on the guild I'm in, stop in and say hello at www.wowbogtroopers.com -- It'd be good to see some or all of you again, the ones who didn't slip away. :)

Best wishes and warm regards,

Robert, Qaedain, Ghrall


Re: Hello :)

Post by Sehra » Sat Jul 16, 2005 11:44 am

Girlfriend who plays video games with you gets bonus Sehra points.
I'm glad to hear everything is going ok for you! Mail me or something. ;)


Re: Hello :)

Post by Qaedain » Sat Jul 16, 2005 12:10 pm

I mailed you sir.. Well, not you, but Cyn.. She still use GMail? I can't believe you're still around :D

Hida Kisada

Re: Hello :)

Post by Hida Kisada » Sat Jul 16, 2005 4:45 pm

hey man . glad to hear things are going well. I still hate you but you know that 8) . hope to see you on . have missed ya you wipersnapper.


Re: Hello :)

Post by Mortas » Sat Jul 16, 2005 5:36 pm

In the words of The Prophet, "Greets!".

Samie Heartsbane

Re: Hello :)

Post by Samie Heartsbane » Sat Jul 16, 2005 5:49 pm

Yeah I know.  Sehra is old as dirt!  She isn't playing EQ though.  or EQ2! OMG :)  EQ2 rules!  Wow drools.  Haha.  Just glad to hear things are going well for you Q. 


Re: Hello :)

Post by Morttisha » Tue Jul 19, 2005 3:10 pm

Glad you are doing well Qaedain :-)
Having a girlfriend that plays WoW with ya makes for some cheap together-time ;-)


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